Season finale 2012

Gentlemen, tonight we completed our final practice ahead of tomorrow night’s season finale.  It was a beautiful evening on the practice field.  The sun on the changing leaves…a degree or two warmer than true “football weather”…I will start missing it and all of you next Monday at 3:15…when I usually leave my office.

I thought Mr. Beggs’ talk was outstanding. I want to reemphasize a point he made.  You will approach (and you are approaching) the challenges in your life according to the habits you have developed.  You should probably read that sentence again.  Football is a wonderful mechanism for teaching this simple principle.

Let me list a few things you hear us say everyday, and then then I’ll give you the “why” behind these sayings.

  • Run through the line…because if it is your habit to quit early, you will always quit early.
  • Study your playbook…because if it your habit to ignore those things your job requires, you will stall out in your career.
  • Read your keys…because you must train your mind to know where and to whom to look.
  • Stick with your blocks…because being in the right place is only half the battle…you must still perform.
  • Get strong in the weight room…because how you prepare has much more to do with success than how you feel on game day.

I could go on and on.

This principal…the habits you develop now will last a lifetime…carries into every area of life.

One final note: Mr. Beggs is right.  We have been tough on you because we love you and we want the very best for you.  We want you to be tough young men (not callous), capable of acting courageously in the face of life’s challenges. We want you to have habits that will lead to lasting, positive relationships, and we want you to experience the joy of being committed to a cause that is bigger than yourself…like a family, a community, a faith family, or a team.

I invite all players (and especially seniors) to stay in touch with me,and I hope that you will.


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