You talkin’ to me?

cropped-Gravatar21.jpegHappy Friday, Everyone!

As we head into the weekend, I want to say “thank you” for an outstanding week! Sales are up at all of our stores, and that is a direct result of your hard work and commitment to serving great food…fast…with a smile…in clean restaurants.

As you can see, we are putting a new system in place so that we can communicate with you more effectively. It’s called Blackboard, and it’s a tool I will use to direct your attention to critical, time-sensitive information.

You should be receiving a messages at home, to your cell phone, and to your email address. If you are not, then ask your GM to make sure that your contact information is stored in RTI accurately.

I want to encourage you to join my email list at From time to time, I’ll share messages that I hope you will find helpful and encouraging.

I’ll be visiting your restaurant soon, so I’ll see you then. Be safe, and have a great weekend!